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My Bio

Bast Imret... She's a 14 year old girl who hasn't forgotten her dreams. Born and raised on the brink of insanity,she likes to pretend she's a vampire cat to numb the pain. When Hell gets too warm,she dives into a pool of delusion to cool off,and sometimes those pools carry her away...Maybe one day,her trips will take her to a better place.

My Occupation

Vampiric feline

My Hobbies

I like to sit on my balcony at night and ponder the mysteries of the universe... But otherwise,I like to paint,sketch andd write my dreams,hopes,and feelings out on paper...I'm a fan of Marilyn Manson; his lyrics inspire me,so I listen to his music very often along with other rock groups. Consquently,I'm into classical music as well. As far as my studies go,I'm currently looking into Egyptology and am learning my second language...Italian. Other than that,its obvious that I love cats.

My yuku Posts

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